Friday, September 05, 2008

My NOLA family

A few weeks ago I got to spend 24 hours in Navarre, FL with my NOLA family.. Dawn, Aubrey, Miss Jeni, Ken... and I got to meet sweet baby Kate!
Dawn and I were RA's together at Lipscomb, and she quickly became one of the dearest friends I could have ever asked for. She has been, hands down, the biggest cheerleader of my life. She believes in me during the times when it is hard to believe in myself. She worked through trig problems with me when "the back of the book was wrong- again!" She actually helped biochemistry make sense! She tells me I'm the smartest person she knows, and that I really could have made it through med school. She tells me I am beautiful in the exact moments I need to hear it. She quietly closed my dorm room door when I was napping through chapel. She reminds me that God is in control, and that's exactly how it should be. She quickly agrees with me when I tell her I feel old. :)
I haven't seen Dawn since she made a quick trip to Montgomery in 2005. When she phoned to say she would be in Florida for a weekend at her Mom's house I just had to carve out some time to go see her.... you know, she's that kind of friend. And, of course I had to meet sweet baby Kate. Who at 11 months is so much like Dawn it makes me laugh out loud! I loved getting to see Dawn be a Mommy...
And I also got to see Miss Jeni, Dawn's Mom. She's moved to FL since Katrina hit New Orleans, and even though she is in a different house, nothing has changed. Good times and good food are always found in the Genter house. {even queso dip to clear your sinuses!} Now it's just complete with a hammock and bay view instead of the French quarter and beignets. Miss Jeni is seriously one of my other mom's. I stayed at her house every time I went to New Orleans, whether I came down with Dawn or not. ;)
It did my heart so much good to be there with them, even if only for a few precious hours...
Love you Dawnie!
Miss Jeni, Grandma, Dawn & Kate

Miss Kate Valentine Watkins

My new favourite place- The Genter dock!
Got to spend some good time out on that swing...