Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Big Day!!

Soooooooo, I take my board exam on Wednesday, October 11th at 10:45am...

Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The Faulkner men pulled out a big "W" over Huntingdon last night, hip hip hooray! Kudos to Nellie for the game's only goal, and to Jae for his first shutout. Brett phrased it perfectly last night when before we went to bed he said, "All the praise goes to God"! Amen and amen!
And a special thanks to the VP krewe for coming out and supporting Brett and his boys. Laura wins the spirit award for actually wearing Faulkner attire to the game (and of course for organizing the whole thing) and we are all proud of Jamin for being able to leave a soccer game of his own will and not because he got a card! You all are the bomb! (or is it phat? At any rate, you ain't shady!) Oh, and Shane, Brett did throw his clipboard when Josh got taken out the second time by #7 (way to go #7, we are all impressed at how you fool the refs into thinking you aren't playing rugby on a soccer field). And thanks to Karen and Derek for celebrating with us on the phone last night since they weren't able to make it to Monty this week.
Here's to making this the first game of a winning streak continuing into Thursday and Saturday's games...

Monday, September 18, 2006

No excuses!

Have you ever heard a voice in the back of your head that whispers "I'd love to do that" whenever you hear/read/see someone else doing something? Maybe it's someone dancing on Broadway... Maybe it's someone who risks their safety net to follow their dream... Maybe it's someone who can pick up an instrument and play a song they just heard off a CD without so much as a sheet of music in front of them...
My moment happened at Lipscomb before school even began. All of the freshmen were being herded around the then intramural field, now soccer field, playing crazy games on a hot muggy Saturday night. I spent some time talking with an upperclassman, Keith Berry, about the summer he had just spent in Africa doing mission work. Wow, I thought, I would love to do that. And after going on my first mission trip that spring break, switching my major to pre-med and aspiring to save the world, and becoming a part of the Torch Missions team, the rest as they say is history.
I say all of that to say this... if you've heard stories about people going to New Orleans to help in the wake of hurricane Katrina and thought "I would love to do that", stop coming up with excuses because this is your opportunity to do it. Tell the devil to stop telling you "whatever he's convincing you is more important insert here". One of my dear friends has this plea for help on his blogspot. Read it and see what the voice in the back of your head is telling you...

The following has been republished without permission: (I'm sure he won't mind!)
851 Houses
This was a productive week. God has revealed his awesomeness again, hurdles to serving the elderly and disabled in Louisiana's St. Bernard Parish were laid down as though God himself were standing before us. (He was). The opportunity to finish 851 homes for the elderly and handicapped was laid before us. Who are we you ask? Warriors that will finish the job. When I ask myself WWJD, I must respond in passion and love for those who cannot do for themselves. God put me here to defend the cause of the poor and needy. I cannot change my course because it is not my course. It is the course that was laid out for me. I am not saying it's yours, although we could use your help.Our goal is this. We have 851 homes to demuck. It takes 12-15 people to do a house in a day. We want to finish by Jan 31st., therefore we need to finish seven houses a day for the next 120 days, that's 106 people a day, that are willing to work hard. Got It?I am appealing to all who hear the shout and the desperation of this message. This task is achievable. We have enough space to comfortably keep 1000 volunteers a day. We have hot showers, hot meals, and Air conditioned rooms with cots and beds. We have the houses and the homeowners ready to be helped. Here is the call will you answer it?The work is hard but rewarding. You will leave tired but fulfilled. Show this letter to your boss and organize a company service project. Bring enough people for a team or two or three. We have everything here to do the job except you. Even if you can only come for a couple of days, we'll take it.We are fighting the good fight. But we need armies of hands to do the work. We will leave the light on so you can find us in Chalmette, La. Or you can call me @ 985-631-8540 and I will gladly address your questions or you can register on the Hilltop Rescue website @ for some scheduled work camps. Feel free to e-mail me @ .

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's not the global warming... it's the global humidity!

There is a significant difference between the dewpoint temps and the daytime temps, and humidity is no longer an issue in LA (lower Alabama). When we were walking to lunch Brett said that he could live with days like today forever... A high of 89 and virtually no humidity, nice breeze, and a few speckled clouds in the sky, it's what I like to remember as summers at home. It feels great to be able to open the windows at night and let the breeze blow through... to sit outside around dusk and read with a glass of sweet tea. Fall is slowly arriving!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Do you remember their story? When I was growing up my Aunt & Uncle had three Siamese cats: Shadrach, Missy, and Benji (Missy of course being the girl of the three). If you would of asked me a few years ago what I thought of when I heard the names Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego I would have told you stories about them...
Currently I am involved in a Beth Moore Bible study about the book of Daniel. This past week was over chapter 3 when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnance. And I have been thinking about the people in my life that are modern day Shadrach's, Meshach's and Abednego's. We all face fiery trials of some kind throughout our lives, and those that stand out in my mind are the ones that now, after being delivered through the fire, don't even smell like smoke. People like my friends Karen, Tim, Jenny, and Fulbright... My family: Aunt Gladys, Aunt Coral, Auntie, who served as additional Grandmothers to me and my cousins...
But who stands out most in my mind at this moment are two unbelievable Christian people who have loved me with all their hearts and have contributed in enormous ways to my faith, Terry & Margaret. During my first year of PT school Terry was diagnosed with melanoma, and after much prayer we learned that it was not in God's will to deliver Terry from the fire, and our prayers became requests that he be delivered through it. To this day he continues to fight the melanoma and the secondary effects that both the treatment and the disease have on him.
But let me tell you, if you didn't know that this was part of Terry & Margaret's lives, there is no way you would ever pick up on it. And the most amazing part of it all, the part that is the most encouraging to me, is their faith in our God who is bigger than any disease. When forced to come to terms with it all, they refused to bow down to bitterness, pity, anger or resentment. And they stand firm in their faith that God will rescue Terry from the fire of melanoma, and even if He does not, they will still praise Him. Oh, to have faith like that! They are being delivered through the fire, their binds have been burned off, and they don't even smell like smoke!! Hallelujai!
{Daniel 3:18, 25 & 27}

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beta bites..

Since I phoned my friend Anna every time I couldn't figure out why my blogs weren't working right, she kept insisting I switch it over to Beta Blogger. So, last week when I was at her house she changed it over for me. Thanks Beta. Now I can't upload pictures on my own blog or leave comments on other blogs... I suppose the computer still knows I'm Canadian and is holding to it's original prejudices, sheesh.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Da boys on the "pile" from the first house

Brett in the kitchen

The infamous washing machines...

Morning Prayer

Anna & Judy

Muckin' & Guttin'

Well, here is the long awaited post about our trip to New Orleans with the Faulkner men's soccer team. It was an awesome time, and so hot that I was having Choluteca flashbacks. Brett let Anna and I tag along too. It is amazing how much has been rebuilt and how much looks as if Katrina had just hit days before. I recommend going down and helping out if you haven't already.
We worked with an organization called Hilltop Relief & Rescue, who also just happens to be a ministry our good friend Tim Hines is also a part of. We stayed in a "fixed up" elementary school where "beds" were set up on the second floor in the old classrooms which seemed to have escaped any obvious damage from the storm. The lower level has been gutted down to the metal studs, and was the storage area for your clean clothes, a place to hang your wet shower towel, the shower areas were set up there, as well as the kitchen area where you packed your sandwich, snacks and drinks for the day. The cafeteria, which coincidentally also happens to be the only building with air conditioning, was a separate building altogether. And our favourite I might add for obvious reasons.
Our first house had two stories. The owner was living in a trailer in her backyard, as were several other families. She was not home while we were there, and I can't say that I blame her. One of the rooms had the ceiling caving in, so we weren't supposed to go in, but other than that everything had to come out. Upstairs and down. When we were done basically all that was left was the studs, doorframes, toilets, and cement floor. We had to shovel out the mud, remove all the appliances, cabinets, flooring, etc. The dry wall was removed along with the insulation. And when I say "we" I mean the boys because Anna and I got beat down by the mud on the floor of the downstairs bathroom. She was shoveling it into the hallway, I was pushing it out into the front room to be put in a wheelbarrow and taken outside to the "pile". Thankfully the fumes from the full washing machine being taken out and leaking over anything and everything in its path had faded for the most part. However there were still lingering smells from the "fridge juice"... Needless to say I handed out Advil to everyone afterwards at dinner like it was candy. (Don't worry Dr. Johnston, we also drank plenty of water!)
We worked with our owner on the second house we mucked out. He had already moved his family to Florida, but had flown in just to help clean out his house. Words can not describe the smell of the carpet and the mold on the walls of this house. I think I sweat the equivalent of what a third grader weighs! But we all kept our masks on (ahem!) and no one ended up getting the funky upper respiratory cough that have seemed to plaque countless others who were not so disciplined!! (But we still love you Terry...)
So please continue to pray for those rebuilding and restarting their lives in the wake of hurricane Katrina. You can also check out Hilltop Rescue & Relief at If my link works it should take you right there. They are also mentioned in this month's Christian Chronicle (shout out to Janet Hines, whoo whoo!).