Thursday, January 24, 2008

HealthSouth Makes Me Drink

Coffee. With cream. Lots of cream. French vanilla {is there any other kind?}
You would have thought the addiction would have happened lightyears ago. My whole life has primed me for this...
  • both Mom & Dad drink it every morning and I know just how to fix it for them - milk and half sugar, just milk, respectfully
  • raised where Tim Hortons is literally found on every street corner, but make mine a cafe mocha and bring on the whipped cream!
  • worked in a coffee shop learning all the tricks when I was in high school, and on my breaks home from college
  • lived with Mary Alice freshmen year at Lipscomb who introduced me to Bongo Java - 'nuff said!
  • was a pre-med major which included immunology, virology, a & p, not to mention ecology & genetics (ironically my favourite class)
  • took organic chemistry I & II the first year Boone started teaching it... can we say all nighters?
  • worked as an RA for three years in Fanning
  • worked as residence hall director in Yearwood {may she rest in peace} and Johnson for five years
  • worked for Scott McDowell - aka "Mr. Starbucks & I-take-mine-black-brew-me-four-more-pots" (wait, maybe I should say "favourite employee of instead of worked for?)
  • spent countless hours driving in a car sans sunlight between the TN-AL commutes and traveling across the border
  • went back to grad school and became a surrogate "mom" to an entourage of young whipper snappers! {love you guys! happy mother's day!}
So why the recent addiction to coffee after making it through numerous events necessitating serious caffeine jolts you ask?
HealthSouth... the only answer I can come up with! I blame the fact that it's free and there's a creamer machine with french vanilla.. supplying me with a cup of small liquid heaven if you will. And the fact that I need to get some sort of quick jump start to my day where I work with patients that have been up since before the sun. Gah.
Maybe it's not a coffee addiction afterall. I think I just prefer a little bit of coffee in my morning cream. Yeah... that must be it..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

& baby makes... four Mills!

Congratulations to Jamin & Ashley
and big brother Aiden
on the safe arrival of
Emerson Lilly Mills
7 pounds 6 ounces
20.5 inches
And a whole lot of sweetness to cuddle!
{although Aiden is not too keen on me holding "Mommy's baby"...}