Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camp Omagh

Eighteen years ago today I was baptized at Camp Omagh... which scares me a little bit in that I feel like 18 years after making a public commitment to walk with my God, I should be a lot more mature in the faith and a lot more knowledgeable in the Scriptures... I will say that I am definitely still a work in progress, and live a life better than I deserve, being blessed beyond my wildest dreams.
I guess this is why Omagh memories always seem to flood me in the month of August. It may also be that August is so unbearably hot in the Gump and makes me long for the summer weather and activities of Southern Ontario... the Ex, the air show, Wonderland, cottage time, jello fights, and backyard barbeque's... But Omagh will always be a part of what I miss about my teenage years and teenage friends.
Making the decision to get baptized at Omagh was about as easy as it could be considering the importance of the decision. I simply can not put into words what my camp friends mean to me. There I was surrounded by people who loved me for being me, which meant more to me at that time in life than anything. Don't get me wrong, I had a very loving family and extended family. But this was different... At school I was the skinny, awkward, LOUD girl with unfortunate hair, and a handful of acquaintances.. I had one true friend who stuck by me through everything. But at camp I could be me and never had to justify myself or pretend to be someone I wasn't. I was loved for who I was, a child of God. And so, on August 25th, 1990 I stepped into that pool with that cross floating behind me, and publicly surrendered my life to God...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

He's early!!

Congratulations to Derek & Karen
and big sister Emily
on the anticipated arrival of sweet little

Timothy Michael Kramer

5 lbs 6 oz
on August 22, 2008 @ 1:28pm

Welcome to the world Timothy, where God has a purpose and plan for your life! You have already been given two of the best parents and older sister that I know :). Your life will be full of love and laughter {no doubt!}. I can not wait to meet you and watch you grow and develop your own personality. As your Canadian "aunt" I promise to teach you about hockey, futball, skiing, and that a toboggan does not go on your head! :) You will also be happy to know that when your Mommy phoned me to let me know you had arrived safely, your Uncle Brett and I were watching the gold medal round for men's soccer (of course!)
love you already,
Auntie Judy xox

Thursday, August 21, 2008


"The nature of the work in Honduras throughout the summer is pretty intense. We wake up each day and go to work (building homes, distributing food and clothing, conducting VBS, meeting basic needs) among some of the poorest people on the face of this planet. The needs are obvious and apparent and it is easy to see what to do. Back here in "over the mountain" AL, we live in the suburbs and our daily interactions and the environment we are in makes it less easy to see what to do. The needs of those around us is less obvious. Are there still needs and things to "do"? Absolutely. It just takes a keener awareness and more attention to discover some of what those are. I'm pretty confident that God has each of us exactly where he can use us. Are we open to letting him use us where we are? Are we ok with that use being less grandiose or intensive or obvious? Are we ok letting God decided the who, what, where, and when of our journey? Does our own guilt drive us to feel like we need to do more or something other than what we are doing?"
-Mark Connell Studio310
I couldn't have put it any better. We've been back from Honduras for six weeks now. It's long enough to start to slip back into old routines, but close enough that the experience is still very fresh on my heart. I printed out this post when Mark first wrote it and recently came back across it. It still rings true. Even after going on 13 trips to Honduras, God continues to use a love for those people and that country to speak to this heart. And I so want to sit quietly and listen...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008