Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

In my pitiful attempt at a blog update, here are a few pics of our State Park visits this fall...

Oak Mountain

Brett thinking he is pretty clever
"Why don't you get out of the canoe and get a picture of those trees?"
And when I turn back around, he is 20 ft away from the shoreline... haha!

We went one afternoon to Oak Mountain and rented a canoe, which we haven't done in FOREVER!
Being in the stern of a canoe with Brett behind me is one of my absolute favourite places to be!

Radnor Lake, Nashville

Karen & I

Derek, Timothy's legs, Karen, Brett and I
We were fortunate to spend a morning hiking at Radnor with dear friends of ours one Saturday in Nashville. The extra bonus is that Timothy will be quiet the whole time he's in the sling :)
{And we got to hang out with some of our favourite people!}