Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here's to you...

...Mr. Identity Thief Who Sends The Items You Purchased With My Money To Me

I will never understand how you were smart enough to somehow discover my debit card numbers, but yet forgot to change the mailing address for the purchase to your own address, thus having said purchase mailed to me and not yourself. And doing it not once, not twice, but three stinking times out of the 19 transactions you made!! And while I appreciate you sharing your music CD's, Disney DVD's, and Spanish learning CD's with me... YOU BOUGHT THEM WITH MY MONEY!! I would have already owned these things if I had wanted them...
And also a big thank you for being smart with MY money and joining up for clubs so that you could get more bang for MY buck. I will now suffer the consequences of being on their mailing lists even after I am dead.
Your days of wreaking havoc on my chequing account have officially ended. I hope your stupidity of sending me the stuff you had to have means the Fraud Department will have an easier time catching your sorry bootay.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keeping you informed on the soccer front...

Who knew the U21 National Women's soccer teams would compete in AL?? Definitely not us, so we took advantage of it and went to see Canada and the US play in the Birm on Sunday {and also spent a few moments catching up quickly with our good friends Mark & Lori - love you guys!}
So much fun! Canada won against Mexico 1-0 and the US won against China 2-0. The Mexican fans were in full force complete with drums, cymbals, air horns, bugles, and megaphones. It was awesome to be a part of a crowd that was excited about soccer! True, they were cheering for the wrong team, but awesome none-the-less. {Come on people, it IS the world's most popular sport...}
And to top it all off, the Canadian team came and played Argentina here in Montgomery last night (tied 1-1). Brett now wants to go to Mobile to watch the playoffs this weekend. Apparently we are touring the state of AL along with the Canadian girls.
We also got to meet the parents of the centre defense for Canada, the Tancredi's. They were so sweet {they got the team to sign Brett's shirt for him, and gave us all the info on the players}, and it was nice to have people to cheer with for Canada in Legions field. Before they got there it was basically Brett and I in a sea of green, white, and red!

Friday, April 20, 2007

It finally happened...

I spent most of today in a pair of those oh-so-flattering paper-like scrub pants at work today... Good thing this was the end of a twelve-day work period.
I was doing a team eval with one of our OT's on a patient who was slightly agitated shall we say and had already hit Keinee before we brought her down to the gym. I helped transfer her out of her wheelchair to the mat with a sliding board, and then went to move the wheelchair... oops! The tube from her catheter bag had gotten caught in her foot rest, and POP! It came apart and sprayed the innocent bystander, AKA yours truly :)
I knew an incident like that would eventually happen to me, given where I work and the patients I work with... I'm just glad it wasn't THROWN at me!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Never Fear

The 80's banana clip is alive and well thanks to Sharon who was spotted with a hot pink one at the Food World on the Blvd this week....
She also appears to be single-handedly supporting the black eyeliner industry! How do you take a pic of your cashier with your phone discreetly? :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

She's here!!

Congratulations Shane & Stacy {Lawson} on the arrival of
Sanora Hadley Whittington
April 17
8lbs 14 oz

Sanora made her grand entrance into the world this afternoon. Mommy, baby, and Daddy are doing great... and she got to spend a few precious moments with Auntie Judy this afternoon. {I went easy and only tested a few reflexes... couldn't resist the Galant (my favourite!)}
Pray for the newest addition to their family, and their new transition...
...don't you just love that baby smell?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pause & Pray

Brett's Mom is being admitted into Princess Margaret Hospital this morning to finish off her last step in her fight against lymphoma - which involves being in isolation for several days. I don't really know the specifics of it all, but if you would pause and pray for her health and well being today, I'm sure she would appreciate any additional prayer warriors on their knees for her behalf.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend

Brett is off in sunny Florida to sign a recruit, and I am sitting here in front of my laptop, where I've been the last few hours playing on the internet, and loving it. If he were home I would never have gotten away with it! (not to mention that if I had more memory on this thing I could do it all in about one third of the time...)
Easter this year was spent at the Biscuits game, selling concessions as part of a fund raiser for the soccer team's preseason trip to Canada. It was freezing, there were PLENTY of empty seats, no one was hungry for hotdogs after eating their Easter dinner with family, but hey... we won the game without going into extra innings! That put us home around 9:00 and pretty much into bed, after finding the eggs we hid for each other that morning. Ah, the sugar rush of a Cadbury creme egg this time of year! :)
So Easter was pretty non-traditional around the Mitchell home. No baskets. No dyed eggs. No special cookies. More of a reflective holiday for me. Searching for the things that I haven't surrendered to the power of the cross, and celebrating in the freedom of the resurrection. I wish Good Friday was revered more here, and regarded as an actual holiday. I hated getting up that morning to go to work. And quickly announced to anyone who would look at me upon my arrival that if we were in Canada we wouldn't have to be there. I'm sure after being subject to my sourness most of them wished that I would hurry up and go back up there... That mood was quickly remedied by the candy from the hospital-wide Easter egg hunt. :)
And of course, as with any holiday, memories of Easters past: finding my basket behind the living room curtain, getting a green Easter dress in my basket one year, going to church with Mom, teaching the kids at training for service day in Toronto, dying eggs with Susan & the kids, Brett and I surprising everyone at home Easter weekend and getting to hold little Coleton for the very first time, Mom & Susan in Yearwood for Honey baked ham, cooking Easter dinner for the International soccer players, and of course those Laura Secord creme eggs (my absolute favourite ,which, for some reason, remind me of Aunt Gladys.. she must of always shared them with us!)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

It's Go Time....

Tonight Leaf fans around the globe will know if our boys in blue will make it to the NHL playoffs...
Whoever wins the game between Toronto and Montreal will advance onto the first round.
So, all I have to say today is:

"Go Leafs, go!"

And don't phone Brett this evening, unless it's to talk about the game. He'll be glued to our computer listening to it! Should be a good one.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Gentle Reminder...

To those of you ahead of me on Hwy 231 and the South Blvd on the morning commute:

The speed limit is 55mph, not 30mph...

You may correct this with the foot pedal on the right in your vehicle.

Thank you!