Monday, August 27, 2007

Some days I really LOVE my job... was NOT one of those days!

Brett and I sat on the couch tonight with a container of sherbert & two spoons trying to determine who had the worst day at work.

He won. Tomorrow's a new day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things you find when you're packing...

My yellow Sony Walkman with auto-reverse!!
{complete with original yellow ear buds}

Sorry Brett, but I have to stop packing for a minute and just savour the memories attached to this seriously outdated, but previously ultra-cool piece of my childhood...

That thing went with me to:
Cancun with my cousins
countless road trips when my sister's side of the car looked SO much more comfortable than mine
Algonquin camping trips
camp Omagh
youth rallys
Florida with "Thunderbuns" ;)
and ultimately Lipscomb...

How can I get rid of THAT?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Are you kidding?

Has anyone else seen the giant display in Walmart for the Equate version of cold medicine titled "Mucus Relief"?? Makes me just wanna run right out and buy it!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Casa de Esperanza



The woman who now lives in this house leaves before 6:00 to walk the eight miles it takes to get her to church on Sunday mornings... What keeps you away from meeting with God's people?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Santa Lucia

I thought I would post some better pictures of our trip... now that I have a few more to choose from... {if you are reading this and haven't sent me yours, you are not excused! :)}
Here is the church we sing in at Santa Lucia...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Honduras 2007 trip

Brace yourselves... this may be a long one....
I am finally sitting down to blog about our Honduras trip this year. I was waiting for the right words and best way to convey my trip. I don't yet have them and probably never will. You would think that after twelve trips I would be better at this. You thought wrong. I was hoping to have some pictures that would tell the story better than I would be able to, but it doesn't look as if that's going to happen either. {because apparently no one can go on to Snapfish and send me their pictures... sheesh} ;)
Anyway, here are the moments that stand out in my mind from this years trip. {Pictures may be added as they arrive from my sources}
We went to sing in the church at Santa Lucia the second night I was there. LOVE that church. Not just because of the year I spent time up in the bell tower, but the fact that MILLIONS of other Christians have gathered in the same building for CENTURIES to worship God. Reminds me of what a small part I play in the grand scheme of things.

Helped build TWO houses this year. Impressive considering I'm usually in the bodega organizing and never make it onto any of the construction crews. I love the soreness you get after pounding away at those nails and carrying the wood down/up dangerous inclines as a reminder of what you can accomplish together when no one wants the credit. And I am quickly becoming a master at putting in the floors!

Going back to Mololoa... can not even describe the feeling when Eric and Carmen came and found me before I got on the bus after builiding our first day in the village... how did they know that I was there, and have they thought about me at all since I left last year? Hugs and kisses have never been so sweet.

Judy with Eric, ?, Marcos, & Carmen

Working with the Manna project feeding 139 kids a hot lunch that may never have had to eat on their own. I got to help them wash up before eating and prayed over those little hands as I poured water over the suds... Last year I washed many of their feet in that same church building during the May trip.

Diane Adams & Judy with the ladies who work in the kitchen

Led my first Spanish prayer! Impressive, but it was EXTREMELY simple considering it was offered by this Gringa. If you haven't seen it before down there the kids repeat what you say line by line outloud as their own prayer. WOW. Loved it.

We went out with Jenny and ALL the Casa de Esperanza kids for dinner on the fourth of July. Brett had a look of wonder on his face most of the time. I loved getting to see all those sweet faces in person, and think about the life they came from, and the life they are currently living now. I loved hearing them call one of my dearest friends "Mom" and loved watching her with them. Now putting them to bed later that night... a slightly different story! Fernando did not find my rendition of the ABBA song for his name as amusing as I... :)

The boys saying grace

Fernando & Judy

I got to return to Aqua Agria this year. Haven't been for three years. Love it there. Love getting to see Timeteo's family, and experience first hand how they respect and care for the elderly of that village. Struggled enormously with feelings of inadequacy that day since I was "treating" patients... like I was an MD doctor, and not a PT doctor. Very humbling. And frustrating. And makes me question where my talents in the therapy field blend into my efforts there.

And as always, loved getting to see friends again and serve alongside them. And also for the rookies, to see through their eyes for the first time again.

Anna & Judy

Torch '08 promises to be an amazing trip as well, so stay tuned for dates {which I will hopefully have in October after our Board meeting...} If you are reading this blog than consider yourself offically invited to join us! ;)
Dios los bendiga!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie... it totally rocks! {sorry we went without you Brett, but you got to ride Tomb Raider and the Minebuster today! :)}
I also recommend NOT sitting in the fourth row, so as to avoid getting motion sickness from the action scenes.... and arrive early to get a seat that will help you avoid said sickness.
{PS- 30 minutes before the show starts is NOT early enough!!}
Two big thumbs up!

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Real Fine Place to Start

Today was the day two of my favourite people brought another sweet one into their lives....

Congratulations to Jen & Steve Burgie
and big brother Davis
on the arrival of
Cameron Chase
6lbs, 14 oz


Congratulations to Brian & Sara Walker
and big brother Camden
on the arrival of
Scott Norton
7 lbs, 12 oz

I pray blessings on both of your families as you transition into a new family of four!